Top tips if your working from home.

My phone has gone crazy! A lot of friends have text me in the local covid-19 crisis and asked how I work from home without going silly, or putting on weight.

So here’s a few top tips I have shared which I hope will be helpful.

1. Keep your alarm set for the same time you would normal get up for work

Trust me it will only be harder when you start work again, now your in a rhythm stick at it. It helps keep your body regulated. You could use that extra hour or 2 you are getting for not having to commute for something worthwhile. Try not to just waste it in bed. You only need 7-8 hours a night, so don’t try sneak in any extra just because you can.

2. Set out your intentions for the day

Have a pack of post its or notebook you can write on and list 3 or 4 things your going to achieve that day. It’s so easy to get sucked into numerous notifications, emails and not make time for yourself. But if you have a list and can actively tick things off, it will help keep you focused and make you feel like you are achieving something. I wouldn’t be a good PT if I didn’t say plan in your time to exercise. Just committing 20 minutes a day can help change the shape of your body in a matter of weeks. Online PT consultations are now available. DM on Instagram @quityourcomfortzone

3. Try not to buy junk food and too many simple carbs

Bread, Crisps, Chocolate bars, Biscuits. It really is as simple as NOT buying them. If you don’t buy them you can’t eat them. If they are in the cupboard you will eat them no matter how good you are at telling yourself no. So just don’t tempt yourself. Try having some healthier snacks on hand.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Rice cakes with nut butter or a little light cheese

  • Babybel - light version

  • Banana with nut butter

  • Celery, carrots are all great to have with hummus

  • Radishes and baby tomatoes are delicious on their own

  • Raisins, blueberries and grapes are all great snack size

4. Make fruit and herbal teas are your new best friend

Feel peckish – try a fruit or herbal tea. A bit bored – make a fruit or herbal tea. It’s much healthier than grabbing a snack and will keep you entertained. You can step away from your desk guilt free with the intention of making a tea and then feel better after it. You will be more hydrated afterwards and depending on which tea you choose you can add an ounce of herbal health into your system at the same time.

The reason for not going to a normal/builders tea is simple – the extra 3 or 4 cups of tea you treat yourself too can amount to an extra 40 calories per cup. That could be an extra 160 calories that you just did not need. I am not a huge calorie counter, but I am certainly mindful of how much I consume.

A few other flavours of tea you could try:

  • Green tea - full on antioxidants and helps cleanse the body

  • Rooibos and chamomile - can help combat acne and other skin irritations

  • Spearmint - helps prevent hormonal imbalances

  • Yerba mate tea - helps slow digestion so that your stomach stays fuller longer

Read more here about what teas can benefit your body.

5. Have a lunch break and try get outdoors

It’s so easy to work through lunch, but if you really want to feel energised then you need to move, get some fresh air – go for a walk. It’s amazing how inspired you can get whilst being in nature. It’s hard to escape a dreary London scene, but there are parks and the River Thames too. If you set the intention of going out and getting lost on foot for 30 minutes, you may even find a new local green space.

6. Have a plan for 5.30pm

At 5.30 put the laptop down or you could be there for hours. If you can’t think of anything to do, or you don’t have anywhere to be just call someone in your phone book and let them know your calling them so you put down the laptop because you have worked hard today. I am sure they would welcome the call and might even call you back one day. Don’t be shy – most people would prefer a call than a WhatsApp message these days. I know I would!

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