Why Quit Your Comfort Zone?

People often ask me why quitting the comfort zone is so important to me, so here it is.

Why it's important in training.

Our bodies get used to exercise and our muscle have muscle memory which starts making things feel easier but when things start to feel easy, when our goals are reached and when we stop sweating so much, then it's time for a new challenge or our fitness/strength will stagnate. If you only ever lift 5kg, and don't challenge yourself to add a little extra weight you will only ever be able to lift 5kgs. We need to get outside what feels good/comfortable to grow stronger and fitter and like I say - "To get the body you never had, you will have to do things you have never done"

In training there is one very simple basic, but crucial rule - progressive overload. If your not doing more reps, more sets then your body will just plateau and you will stop seeing results.

Skeletal muscle grows bigger and stronger in response to the training stimulus, but for further gains, you need to continue making greater demands on it. If you don't progressively overload the muscles by forcing them to do more than they're accustomed to, they have no reason to make further adaptations.

The human body will not change unless it's forced to. That's why you can never grow complacent with your training. Once you fall into a comfort zone and the workouts are no longer challenging, you'll plateau.

If the demands on the target muscle groups are not at least maintained or are actually decreased, your muscles will lose strength and definition. All that hard work - gone.

Why it's important in day to day life.

As we get older (in general) we do less and less than scares us. So we forget what it feels like to quit our comfort zone and we forget how to be spontaneous. We do the same things, we see the same people, we live in the same house, but life starts outside your comfort zone so why are we restricting and confining ourselves to the norm?

If i didn't put myself in uncomfortable situations I would never have...

- got that pay rise

- got that promotion

- got that award for doing an amazing job

- been to that day where I met incredible people

- moved to another country

- met my fiancé

- travelled the world

- quit my job and refund my passion and love for exercise.

As far as I can see - only good things ever come from doing things that might feel a little uncomfortable at the time.

I am not an extremist - I don't need to jump out of a place every day to feel the rush - but small personal challenges will always be part of my daily routine and if i can't think of anything new to try I will just push myself that little harder in the gy, because sometimes your comfort zone can be exceeded just by getting that extra rep or that extra set in.

Here's a few people you might have heard of who agree with me.

“All dreams are outside of our comfort zone. Leaving that comfort zone is a price we must pay to achieve them.”

Steve Jobs

“I’m continually trying to do things outside of my comfort zone. As long as your uncomfortable it means your growing”

Ashton Kutcher

“The more I push myself to really live and really experience things and get out of my comfort zone the more song are allowed to follow.”

Damien Rice

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