Iliotibial Band Syndrome and pain when running

I have always had tight hamstrings and quads through years of playing team sport, and when running any distance more than 5k used to put me in agony, I just used to put it down to my muscles being so tight. I saw Physios for years and they would help the pain go away but it would always come back. It wasn't until I worked at Vitality - Health and Life insurer and got free physio that I was finally diagnosed with ITB syndrome. I saw Simon Webster from Nuffield Health in the City branch and I couldn't recommend him enough. Yes he helped the pain go away and introduced me to a foam roller but he really took the time to assess my running style in great detail and taught me exercises to help alleviate the problem for good as well as a top tip.

If you have ITB syndrome or any ITB problems, you will know how painful it can be and i'm going to share the best piece of advice from years of physio that really works. Please bare in mind that I'm assuming that your running style is good and this is just a small tweak. If you don't feel you have a good running style or need a little help you can also contact me for advice. So... your running style is good, but your still getting ITB problems, maybe not whilst you run but afterwards? Top tip: When running think about your back foot and lift it up as high as possible almost so it's kicking your bum. This will help stretch the ITB so it doesn't become too tight post run. Let's face it - us runners rarely think about whats behind us, it's the route ahead that matters but this has helped my running to no end and I now complete painless 10k's on a bi-weekly basis.

Let me know if this helps? and you want me to write about the exercise I did to help to help the pain, let me know.

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