8 great moves to stay active at work

When working in an office environment I always find small ways to keep me entertained, get my blood flowing and try to release some tension in my muscles throughout the day. Being hunched over a keyboard for hours on end isn't healthy and often leads to muskoskeletal problems like back pain, or neck problems. So why not try and fit some of these subtle exercises into your working day before sending your next email, or whilst on the phone. Do let me know if these work for you.

Print room press ups - Print rooms often have counters or worktops which are a great height to do a few elevated press ups. Keep your core tight, rest your hands on the counter, complete a press up movement keeping your elbows tucked in and hands facing forward. Look forward and keep your head up. If your competitive like me, before I would hit print I would see if I could do more press ups than the amount of pages I was printing. Give it a try - your not going to work up a huge sweat, but you will leave the print room with a smile on your face and fresh blood in your veins.

Under the desk scissors kicks - Lift both legs 10-15cm above the ground. Cross one leg over the top of the other, take them wide and cross the other leg over. Try 3 sets of 15 reps, keeping that core tight and think about pulling your belly button into the back of your spine to help keep your core engaged.

Lunge to coffee - Ok so i'm not going to lie, people will look at you like your a little strange for this one, but normal is boring. When ever your off to make yourself a tea of coffee, why not lunge on the way there. Stand tall , stride long, and bend the knees keeping your back leg just a few centimetres off the floor as your lunge, then swing the back leg through and lunge with the opposite leg. Easy, yet effective and you will most likely start a trend and be remembered for it. Don't lunge on the way back though, any exercise with a hot drink in hand does not come recommended.

Toe taps - Sit on the edge of your seat and put both feet together and engage your core, keep your feet together and your knees slightly bent, move both legs over to left hand side as far as they will go. Make sure the feet stay together and stay your legs stay lifted about 10-15cm off the floor for the completion of the reps. Slowly tap both heels almost to the floor, lift back up and then move slowly to the other side. This will really work your obliques.

Seated frog pumps - Under your desk put your feet together with your soles facing each other and spread your knees apart squeezing the muscles hard when you get your knees as wide as they will go. You can hold it here for 5 seconds if you want to feel the burn, or just pull your knees back together and repeat, Try 15 reps x 3 sets and your outer glutes will get the wake up they need after being sat at your desk all morning.

Seated twists - Engage your core and twist at the hips. Lead with your shoulders twist as far as your trunk will let you, and twist back the other way, dont forget to keep those stomach muscles tight. This will help stretch out those back muscles making sure your pecs don't tighten too much throughout the day.

Shoulder shrugs - If you sit hunched over a keyboard or mouse you might find you build a lot tension in your shoulders, so use that tension to benefit your muscles. At the same time lift both shoulders really tense them as they reach the highest point, Try to think about your shoulder blades trying to touch each other and imagine squeezing an orange in between them, hold for 5 seconds and then release. Repeat as desired but try at least 10 reps.

Kegals - Our pelvic muscles are so important for us women, both before and after pregnancy but men can benefit too. As we get older a weak pelvic floor may lead to issues such as the inability to control your bowels or bladder.So let's not waste all the hours sitting at our desks, your body will thank you for it in years to come. Squeeze your pelvic floor, hold for a 3 seconds and release, Do as many reps as you can. Try and work up to a 10 second hold and 5 second rest - still completeing as many reps as possible.

Kegals - Especially for us women. We forget but the pelvis is so important for us women. So why not do 3 sets of 15 Kegals whilst looking smug at your desk opposite a colleague.

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