Are you tired?

Are you lacking in energy?


Do you think you could be getting more out of life?

Do you want to say goodbye to that caterpillar and hello to your butterfly?


If you have answered YES to more than one of these questions. I can help you! I can help you re-find that energy using exercise as a tool. I can help you discover body confidence! I can help you escape your current comfort zone and spread your butterfly wings. Stop hiding! Let's work together and help you shine brighter!



I believe in living a healthy, positive, electric and productive lifestyle, but I have seen so many women look out for others before looking after themselves. If that sounds like you, then it's time to start investing in yourself and looking great is the perfect place to start. If you would like to lose weight, want to feel strong and gain confidence in your own skin. I can help. I am a level 3 Personal Trainer, mobility coach and corrective exercise specialist. 

I will help you make small incremental changes that help you achieve your goals.  I want to help you re-find the energy and confidence you once had and design a program that is tailor-made for you. Whether you work long hours, have children, or just don't like exercise, I can guide you through your journey to better health. Your journey from caterpillar to butterfly.  


Being FIT isn't just about running a marathon or dropping a dress size. Well-rounded fitness is inside and out. It's nutrition, confidence, sleep, energy, work/life balance and social interaction.


I also believe in doing the odd thing that might scare you, to help you feel alive - hence Quit The Comfort Zone. 


Quit The Comfort Zone will shortly be launching fitness and mental wellbeing retreats.

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